Friday, February 26, 2021
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Address by President Hannah Aboko

My brothers and sisters ba tata na ba iya lets try to come together to make Oroko great again because Oroko is too good to fail. I know it hasn’t been easy but let’s see what we as a group can do to move it forward. Every suggestions is welcome I mean anything that we can do different to boost our membership, without members they’ll be no oroko meeting so I’m pleading with you all let’s try our best and any member that brings in a new member will go home with a gift. Thank you all so much for bestowing this power of leadership to me and I promised to do my best. 

Best of luck to each and every oroko family even the ones in the diaspora in this new year 2020. Again Happy new year and may God blessed and protect us all in Jesus Name Amen.

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