Dear Brothers and Sisters of Our Beloved Oroko, GA Chapter,
With all gratitude and respect I have for the Oroko people and their culture, I have accepted and come this far to walk a walk of no turning back. I have come so that we can all walk, dance and share another era of a devoted President Elect.

I want to take this opportunity to thank and applaud all of you who trust, care and honor me to be your Chapter President for the year 2010. I want to thank all who are prepared to devote their time to work with me. The trust you have vested in me will not go in vain. It is a journey that we will all walk together with the objective of developing the Oroko culture and people living in Georgia, USA and Cameroon.

It is time for all Oroko people in Georgia to come out of their hiding corners. Let go the problems of yesterday, and support this long and beautiful journey for tomorrow. It is time to stop the talking. Brothers and Sisters, the Old and the Young, please join me to walk the walk.

I want to welcome all ages with utmost respect to our future meetings. I want to share a piece of cola-nut with my people. “He who brings cola-nut brings life”. My Brothers and Sisters, we have come from afar. Let’s unite and keep the peace moving amongst us. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring as yesterday is gone. Lastly I want to thank the new executive members who have accepted to work with me in serving the Oroko People in Georgia with all the respect and dignity they deserve. The executive is prepared to continue the hard and dedicated work as exemplified by the former administration. I personally want to encourage everyone to register and become a member for the year 2010 in order to enjoy all the benefits of membership and to observe the changes and progress in Oroko, GA Chapter.

Ferdinand Mediko,
President. Oroko, GA. Chapter