Bana ba Oroko, Georgia Chapter, I salute you all. It is with great honor and respect I accept to take on this great journey to be your newly elected President for the year 2014.In light of this, many thanks go to those who bestowed their faith and trust in me. To those who I am entrusted to work with, accept my appreciation for the confidence you have in me. We come together as one, to share our traditional meal and dance together as an Oroko family. We are building a strong Oroko not just for ourselves, but for future generations. Let this family be a family of oneness. Let us be Oroko patriots. The future of Oroko Georgia, rests in our hands.

Brothers and Sisters of Oroko Georgia, I am ready to carry the task not only to protect and guide Oroko Georgia, but to help carry this beloved family afar. Oroko people of Georgia and around, this is the time we should come together as one and resolve our differences if they do exist. Let us live together as brothers and sisters before it turns dark. Let us protect our heritage. Let us accept this family as one in spirit and flesh. Let us enjoy our dishes and tradition together.

In unity, we stand strong. In love, we have faith. With respect, we have peace. Togetherness we grow. In this regard, it is my honor to pledge to all Oroko people living in Georgia and with its immediate surroundings to come join us in this journey of 2014.

It is with absolute gratitude that, I and my newly elected executive, do congratulate the out going President, Tata Fred Mediko and his team for their generous job. I therefore take this opportunity to inform you that, I and my team will follow your footsteps to keep the Oroko family together.

Finally, I give gratitude to my executives who have willingly accepted to devote their time to work with me in serving Oroko Georgia.

Thank you all, and may God bless the Oroko people and the rest of mankind.

Dienga Henry Namata
President, Oroko Georgia Association.