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About Us

Who We Are
We are Oroko Cultural Association established in November 1989 in Atlanta Georgia, USA to meet the needs of Oroko people both in Cameroon and Diaspora. We are called Oroko GA Cultural Association dedicated to the relief and development of Oroko people. Generally, Oroko Cultural Association has a National Branch which consists of local Chapters such as Georgia, New York and New Jersey Chapter, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Washington Chapter called Greater Washington Chapter, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky called Tri-State Chapter and the Texas Chapter.

We came from Oroko area, a tribe located in Ndian and part of Meme Divisions of Southwest Cameroon in West Africa. “Oroko” means “Welcome” in Oroko traditional language. The Oroko tribe is made up of 10 Clans, each with several villages that make up the 227 villages. Please see History for more details. Over the years some of these villages became extinct due to geographical mobility. Most of the geographical areas have no roads making it impossible for communication during the raining seasons. It is sad that even during the dry seasons, it takes three to four days to reach some of these villages. As a result, there is a lack of medical supplies, doctors, nurses, and school supplies. Death rate has increased greatly among the elders and children while birth rate has deceased. There are several young children who have dropped out of schools for lack of school fees, books, uniforms, food, and good health.

The Association has a president and an executive group which officiate the daily activities and smooth operation of the association. This structural branch is created not only in the National level but also in the Local level called Chapters. Officers are in office for two years presiding over the effective running of the association. Specifically, the officers in Oroko GA Cultural Association are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, Director of Publicity, Publicity Committee, Director of Traditional Dance, Director of Program/Project, Director of Auditing, Audit Committee, Director of Children’s Program and Director of Women’s Program. Generally, the current presidents of Oroko Cultural Association in the USA are :

The National President (USA) Prince Ferdinand Mediko
Georgia Chapter President. Chief Victor Ngomo Obie Jr.
New York & New Jersey with President Iya Olive Mosah
Greater Washington Chapter (Virginia, Maryland, Washington, Delaware) with the President Tata Charles Penda.
Tri-state Chapter (Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky) with President Tata Fred Bebe.
Texas (Houston) with President Tata Divine Mofa.
Dallas Chapter President. Dr. Ati Stanley

The Oroko Cultural Association started in November 1989 when a group of Oroko People in Georgia after several Thanksgiving celebrations, decided to continue these celebrations as a yearly tradition. This custom was later changed into a meeting, and after several meetings, the group decided to elect an executive branch headed by Tata Charles Esoe (January 1989-December 1990). Tata Ken Etuka took over from January 1990 to December 1992. Iya Caroline Nanje was president from January 1993 to December 1994. Tata George Ekuka took over from Iya Caroline and started the first National Convention in 1994. He also organized the first National Convention in November 1995 at the police academy in Stone Mountain, GA. He was president from January 1994 to December 1996. Tata Daniel Esoe took over from January 1996 to December 1997. Tata Felix Awanjo became president from January 1997 to December 2001. Tata Victor Nanje took over president from January 2002 to December 2003. Tata Chief Victor Ngomo Obie was the president from January 2004 to December 2005. He was succeeded as president by Iya Mercy Mabian on January 2006.

Oroko Cultural Association provides assistance to Oroko people motivating them to reach their full potential by wrestling with the causes of poverty.

It establishes relief and development to their villages by opening windows of opportunities to Oroko people living in the villages.

Oroko GA Cultural Association is an organization geared towards the improvement and recognition of Oroko Culture.
Its mission is based on two groups; one is Oroko people living in the villages and Orokos in Diaspora.

It encourages sponsorship of Oroko children living in the villages, raising funds for the promotion, growth, development of the Oroko villages, its people, and the culture.
Its mission is to provide Oroko villages with generators, health centers, water, school supplies and good roads.
It provides assistance in Oroko lives and nourishes Oroko identity among its people.
It provides relief to Oroko people living in Oroko villages, by raising funds for the promotion, growth, development of the Oroko villages, its people, and the culture.
It creates and extends opportunities to Oroko children by exposing them to the outside world through newsletter and the website.
It reduces poverty, establishes economic stable and healthy home environments in the villages by providing opportunities for growth and development.

The Oroko Cultural Association assists Oroko people living in America and Diaspora to maintain their African identity and share ideas.
It educates society in general, specifically Oroko children, active, inactive, and non-Oroko members about the Oroko culture.
It provides information necessary such as immigration, financial, family relationship, etc to survive life in Diaspora.

To have school children in the villages with three meals daily, medical supplies, uniforms, books, and paid tuitions.
To have classrooms in the villages with nice desks, blackboards and good classroom buildings.
To have libraries and science labs in the schools in the villages.
To have computers in the libraries and science lab equipments in the science labs.
To educate the world about the Oroko culture and its people by providing information on Oroko people and its culture.
To become a link or glue that will bring the Oroko people together by connecting them here in the US, in Europe or Cameroon.
To assist Oroko people to maintain their African identity and share ideas.
To provide assistance in various issues in Oroko lives and nourish Oroko identity among its people.

The Association consists of active members who are qualified for membership through birth, adoption or marriage. There are two types of memberships: Chapter and National. There are also two types of Chapter members: Active and Distant members. Active members are those who those who take part in the Association’s activities at least Seventy-five percent (75%) of the time and meet all their financial obligations. Distant members are those who pay their registrations and monthly dues and attend less than 75% of the meetings and activities. Chapter membership is maintained by paying a $25.00 registration fee to the Chapter and monthly contributions of $10. Members receive benefits as such strong family bond with others, effective empowering support and monetary gifts giving in case of birth, death, and graduation. National membership is by paying an annual fee of $100. Please see Local and National Constitution for details.